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Reading Program

Pre-reading skills, and the early reading program at Delphi.

We believe literacy is one of the keystones of an excellent education and that by helping children to be early readers, they will become lifelong learners.

Baby Dragons, Mini Dragons and Little Dragons (18 months – 4 years):
Recognizing letters, numbers, telling or dictating own stories, verbalizing thoughts, memorizing short rhymes and stories, learning to take care of books, and lots and lots of reading.

Big Dragons (4-5 years): Reading readiness is established through familiarity with letters and words. Vocabulary is built in both phonetic and sight words. The student learns to read high pre-primer level books aloud, comfortably and with comprehension.

Mighty Dragons (5-6 years): The focus is on both reading in volume and phonetics. The student works on phonetics and learning letter sounds and combinations. Emphasis is on decoding the written language. The student experiences the pleasure of reading through structured, high-volume reading in primer books in a very gradual sequence of increasing difficulty. With an emphasis on comprehension, the student works on both reading aloud and reading silently. As the student becomes more comfortable with reading, he/she works up to reading 20-40 books per month for pleasure.


The Delphi Preschool teachers are ‘angels on Earth’ as far as I am concerned. Ever since my daughter has been with these special teachers, her self-confidence, ability to assert herself, appreciation for nature, willingness to brush her teeth, desire to eat healthy food, sense of community, and simply her love of going to school, have ALL expanded! When I drop her off each morning, although I miss her as only a mom could miss her child, I also experience such peace knowing she is in their care! Thank you, Delphi Angels – our family is forever grateful for your dedication and talent! – B.K.

— Preschool Parent