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Preschool Approach

Our Approach to Preschool Education


Our approach to preschool education is quite simple. We believe children shouldn’t have information force fed, but that a gentle approach which focuses on them learning each basic tool very well with an emphasis on actually using what they learn in their life.

Environment is a key part of the learning process, and for younger children in particular, we feel school should be a “home away from home.” Our teachers create a safe, loving and nurturing environment where children can feel secure and loved at all times.

Many schools treat students as a general mass. Here at Delphi we know this approach leads to educational failures so we address each child as unique and understand that their learning pace will develop individually. Every child needs mastery at each level before moving to the next. Development may be fast in some areas, and slower in others. We place equal importance on all major areas of development: physical, social, emotional, cognitive and aesthetic.

We find that children are motivated by a desire to make sense of the world around them, learning through interaction with the materials and people in their environment. Play provides this interaction and learning occurs when a child is actively involved. Providing a variety of materials for interactive and active exploration, and giving children the opportunity to choose among the variety of activities is an effective method to keep them engaged in learning activities every day!

Our daily schedule is predictable but leaves some space for flexibility as well. The children will participate in teacher-directed and self-directed activities, inside and outside time, large and small group activities, as well as quiet and active time throughout the day.

Our teaching methods emphasize practical application – because only in meaningful use can one work out the proper value of the many pieces of knowledge encountered in an education. This approach keeps our students continually evaluating new information in relation to the real world. As they move through our program, their education becomes something they build and own, not something piled onto them. In the end, we want to see our children maintain their individuality while being self-motivated, confident and active. We want to cultivate purposeful individuals who are capable of pursuing and reaching their chosen goals.


Our daughter started at Delphi preschool right when she turned two. We had been concerned because she was not a very outgoing child and tended to keep to herself, not make friends and was usually a bit reserved. Well what a change she has gone through! She has not only unleashed her inner silliness, she is more communicative than ever and now has many friends and is learning basic language, reading and math skills! I am so happy! – R.D.

— Preschool Parent