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Early Learning

What are we learning in preschool?

Physical Development: Gross motor skills, like balance, exercise, movement coordination and control and ball skills. Fine motor skills, like grasping, hand-eye coordination, drawing, cutting, holding pencil, brush, scissors correctly.

Social Development: Peer interaction (sharing, taking turns, cooperating, following rules in group games). Recognizing feelings of others, respecting others’ property, choices and differences, recognizing responsibility to our community, communicating and interacting with other children and adults.

Emotional Development: Verbalizing feelings, accepting failure and trying again, feeling positive sense of self, building self-confidence through positive encouragement.

Aesthetic Development: Providing an aesthetic environment, introducing music and art.

Cognitive Development: Problem solving activities, puzzles, counting games, dramatic play and storytelling, just to name a few.

Math: Identifying shapes, counting, measuring, comparing and describing sizes, putting things in order, creating patterns, classifying, sorting, matching, thinking and problem solving.

Science: Learning about our environment, our nature, plants, animals, five senses, doing different science experiments, taking care of animals and plants in the classroom and in our outdoor garden!

Pre-Reading: Recognizing letters, numbers, telling or dictating own stories, verbalizing thoughts, memorizing short rhymes and stories, learning to take care of books, and lots and lots of reading.

Pre-Writing: Hand-eye coordination, hammering, beading, cutting, strengthening muscles in their hands with different activities like pegs, play-dough, Legos, etc.; drawing lines and circles; learning to hold pencil, paintbrush and scissors in correct position; coloring.

Music: Learning to sing songs with melody, tone and rhythm, learning to use rhythm instruments, being introduced to different music, learning about famous composers.

Computers: Learning to use the mouse, looking up words, playing letter recognition games.

Art: Learning to express themselves with art; using their imagination; being creative; learning different techniques; learning to use pencils, markers, glue, paintbrush and scissors.

Health & Safety: Encouraging good health, nutrition and eating habits; practicing fire and earthquake drills.

“Delphi Preschool is a wonderful place to send my son because it is such a safe, caring environment. I appreciate the enthusiasm my son’s teacher has for her job and her love for all the children. Often at the end of the day when I ask my son about his favorite thing that day, he talks about how great the teachers are. Because of his positive experience with the preschool, his education is off to a great start, and he has an enthusiastic attitude about going to school. Thank you to everyone in the preschool!” L.C.

— Preschool Parent