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Physical Education

Here at Delphi we know that children need a lot of exercise. Thus, the Lower School athletic program offers two classes a day that emphasize coordination, body control, discipline, team spirit, hard work and fun.

Our campus facilities include a fully equipped playground, two athletic fields and outdoor basketball, hopscotch and foursquare courts.

The daily sports classes address basic team sports including soccer, kickball, tee ball, volleyball, Frisbee, baseball and basketball, while daily Physical Education classes focus on individual strength and coordination through such things activities as running, basic gymnastics, jump rope and biking. We also offer seasonal activities such as swimming, hiking, roller-skating, horseback riding, bowling and coached gymnastics.

Students graduating from the Lower School program can perform multiple gymnastic stunts and positions, know how to ride a bike, can do the monkey bars, can run two miles, have excellent sportsmanship and are able to compete at their age level in multiple team sports.