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Lower School

The first few years of education should give a child the right start—a solid grasp of the basics, a love of learning and a genuine curiosity about the world around.

Getting started with a positive attitude about the whole learning experience is vital. At the Lower School, our students are just beginning their formal education so we focus on creating an environment which achieves this is two ways: the care of our teachers for each student and a highly effective basics program integrated into a rich curriculum.

Our students receive plenty of personal attention while our curriculum opens a wide world for them to explore. Each day is a new adventure.

Forms vs Grades

Delphi utilizes the concept of “Forms” rather than grade levels as a way of getting excellent results without forcing all students to move at exactly the same pace. We realize each student is an individual and needs to be addressed as such in his or her education. Thus every Delphi student has an individualized program and may enroll in a Form at any time during the school year (space permitting). A student completes a Form upon accomplishing the requirements for graduation from that Form. Though forms can be roughly equivalent to grade levels, it is possible for a younger student to move on to a higher Form once all requirements for the earlier Forms have been met. In this way, each student can get the full benefits from the curriculum and keep advancing as rapidly as he or she is maturing.

Lower School includes Beginner 1 through Form 2, roughly equivalent to kindergarten through third grade.

Delphi is a school to call your own. I feel like it’s mine and my son feels like it’s his. I think that’s rare. He’s proud of his school and when I asked him what about it makes him happiest, he said ‘I like all of it, mom! There isn’t one thing I like best. It ALL makes me happy!’ How great is that?

— Lower School Parent