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Student LIfe

Be prepared for a schedule brimming with activity. From morning roll call to parents’ arrival, students are busy in the classroom, on field trips, on the sports field or involved in a variety of practical activities. Students will find it an atmosphere of both fun and challenge and will be invited to help create that atmosphere.

The school-sponsored Boy and Girl Scout troops are extremely active and participate in a variety of activities both during and outside regular school hours. Besides the regular meetings, each troop plans monthly outings—anything from marching in parades to climbing Mt. Whitney. Delphi’s Boy Scout Troop 555 has produced over a dozen Eagle Scouts in just the past several years.

Student Services

All students from Elementary School and above participate in “Student Services,” a program of contribution to the operation and maintenance of the school. This not only helps the school run smoothly, but also helps the students gain a greater appreciation and responsibility for the work involved in doing so. Students spend some time each week helping out in a variety of areas—the computer lab, the classrooms, the office and the library, for example. Tasks range from simple jobs to more challenging projects such as working with a Lower School student in the classroom or assisting on a computer programming project.

All students participate in community service projects throughout the year. Past projects have included clean-up and anti-graffiti campaigns in the city of Glendale and performing at convalescent homes in the area.


Special get-togethers and dances are put on throughout the year but traditional, annual events include the Halloween Dance, the Valentine’s Dance, the Winter Bazaar, the Winter Holiday Show and the spring musical or drama production. Middle School students are all invited to participate in these activities.