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  • School Representatives

    A Delphi School Representative is a parent, student or friend of Delphi who assists in the introduction and enrollment of new students into the school.

    Delphi Academy relies on its School Representatives to spread the good news about a Delphi education. This is done simply by contacting students and parents and sharing with them the difference a Delphi education will make in their child’s life.

    Help us spread the word so that more children get the education they deserve: A Delphi education!

    Interview With a School Representative

    What originally got you and your family interested in Delphi?

    I did an informal survey of parents to find out what school they considered the best. Every parent I spoke with stated that Delphi was the best school hands-down! It was at this point that I decided my children would attend Delphi.

    I’ve personally felt that Delphi was the best school around for as long as I can remember.

    What do you like best about having your children at Delphi?

    I like the fact that they are now interested in reading and are reading in much higher quantities.

    What inspires you to promote Delphi to others?

    The fact that Delphi is such a good quality school. I know with certainty that any child that goes to Delphi will be well educated as a student as well as a leader, and that his responsibility will be increased to higher and higher levels. I also like the fact that the children get exposed to so many different cultures.

    What benefit do you get from being a School Rep for Delphi?

    I am able to influence who the children are that will be associated with my children. I am also able to enrich those children’s (and their families’) lives.

    What are your successful actions to get families into Delphi?

    The first thing is that I believe in Delphi and the Delphi program. I spent some time at the school really looking at the curriculum as well as all the practical programs such as art, science, sports, etc.

    I talk to people about Delphi and tell them about my experiences and how happy my children are by being there. I get them to just GO to Delphi and look for themselves. Delphi really does sell itself.

    I find that the combination of: 1) telling them about it and how happy we are with it, 2) getting them to go look for themselves and 3) having my kids talk to their kids and “buddy” up with them on a visiting day, will close the family.

    The other thing I do is to stay in touch with them, and if any questions or concerns come from either the parents or the children, I make sure those questions or concerns are addressed head-on and right away. This keeps it moving along.  

    Is there anything else you would want others to know, or anything else you’d care to add?

    Yes, the staff at Delphi have been very helpful. They are really caring, and the creativity and attention to detail that they put into teaching the children each and every day really comes through. As a result my children are reaching to learn more. I also love that the staff are so willing to communicate with me. If I have any questions or concerns, they want to hear about it and help me handle it expeditiously.