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Elementary School

During their Elementary School years, students develop educational skills and habits that will stay with them for life. It is also during this early period that their educational foundation in reading, writing and mathematics is made firm. Our Elementary School curriculum focuses on these basics, while immersing the student in the arts, physical and social sciences, foreign language and plenty of practical application to the real world.

Forms vs Grades

Delphi utilizes the concept of “Forms” rather than grade levels as a way of getting excellent results without forcing all students to move at exactly the same pace. We realize each student is an individual and needs to be addressed as such in his or her education. Thus every Delphi student has an individualized program, and may enroll in a Form at any time during the school year (space permitting).

A student completes a Form upon accomplishing the requirements for graduation from that Form. Though forms can be roughly equivalent to grade levels, it is possible for a younger student to move on to a higher Form once all requirements for the earlier Forms have been met. In this way, each student can get the full benefits from the curriculum and keep advancing as rapidly as he or she is maturing.

Elementary School is generally entered at about eight years of age and is completed by eleven or twelve years of age.

I am so grateful that a school like Delphi exists. The academic program is challenging and it makes the study of vital subjects (like reading and math) absolutely fun and rewarding.”

— Elementary School Parent