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A visit during regular school hours is the first step in getting to know the school.  Initial interviews are conducted with the student and parents and a full visiting day for the student is then scheduled.
On the visiting day, the prospective student is paired with a student “buddy” of the same age and participates in the activities of a typical school day. Any needed testing is also done at this time. This visit allows the parents, student and the school to determine if they are well matched.
An Admissions Application is then completed and submitted along with any recent report cards, teacher recommendations and an application fee. (Download application forms here.)

Once the application, report cards, testing and interviews have been completed and reviewed, the student and parents are notified as to whether the student has been accepted.

Admissions Downloads

Choosing ‘the right’ school for your child–one that fosters growth, instills a strong moral code, makes the pursuit of knowledge enjoyable, combines learning with demonstrated application, and helps create dreamers, doers and leaders–is a parent’s ultimate goal. That school is rare indeed and should be sought out. My wife and I truly believe we have found that gem at Delphi Academy.”

— Delphi Parent