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A large part of our success lies in the dedication, care and competence of our faculty, many of whom have been with us since our inception. There are 33 full- and part-time staff, of which 20 are teaching faculty. In addition to their academic degrees, our teaching faculty have all received intensive training in the Study Technology as well as the Heron Curriculum™ and Heron Basics™ educational materials.

Administration Staff

Head of School

Karen Dale

Admissions Director

Joan Roeschke

Finance Director

Laurie Armer

Admissions Officer

Gwendoline Snyers

Assistant to Head of School

Fawn Fayton

School Secretary

Brandi Anderson

Estates Manager

Carl Watts

Teachers & Supervisors

Preschool Director

Danielle Wolfson

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Breanna Cormier

Baby Dragons Teacher

Monique Servera

Mini Dragons Teacher

Jessica Diaz

Little Dragons Teacher

Tania Villa

Preschool TK Teacher

Anisha Dickey

Lower School Director

Leslie Toth

Beginner 1 Teacher

Dani Antunez

Beginner 1 Teacher

Jackie Evans

Beginner 2 Teacher

Devin Rowland

Form 1 Teacher

Camron Richardson

Form 2 Teacher

Ann Swapp

Elementary School Director

Nancy Smith

Form 3 Teacher

Remmie Dejano-Moriak

Form 4 Teacher

Marggret Leach

Middle & High School Director

Cindy Gainsforth

Middle School Supervisor

Josh Doheny

High School Supervisor

Monica Bosan

Middle and High School Standards Consultant

Sue Miller

Middle and High School Student Consultant

Henry Lee

Co-curricular Instructors

Music Director

Justine Keyes

Student Activities & Athletics Director

Mark Lara

Spanish Instructor

Dianna Gonzalez

Art Instructor

Cesar Jimenez

Industrial Arts Instructor

Caleb Healy