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Delphi Academy of Los Angeles
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  • Tuition & Fees (2017-18 School Term)


    LOCAL STUDENTS: Tuition + Materials Fee for our Fall Term (Sept 5, 2017 through June 8, 2018) is $17,420 for K-3rd grades, $18,960 for 4-6th grades, and $20,640 for 7-12th grades. Financial aid and payment plan options are available for the Fall Term.  The cost of Summer Camp is $420 per week plus a $50 Application Fee.  Other Fall Enrollment Fees for local students: $100 Application Fee and $200 New Student Registration Fee.

    INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Tuition + Materials for International Students for the 10-month program is $23,304 and is paid in full one month prior to the start of the term.  The cost of Summer/Winter Camp is $510 per week plus a $100 Application Fee.  Other Fall Enrollment Fees for International students: $100 Skype Fee, $300 Application Fee and $200 Registration Fee.

    Please call Joan Roeschke, our Head of Admissions, to request information at 818-583-1070.

    Apply for financial aid through FAST (Click logo below):



    “We feel very strongly that the Delphi program provides the best possible education for our children. We felt this way when they started at Delphi in 2001 and we feel it even stronger today. The environment is safe, ethical and one which never invalidates its students. The staff are highly trained and have a strong desire to see our children succeed in life. No matter what comes up, they have the resources to handle it and quickly get the child back on course.”

    — Delphi Parent