Music Café 2017!

March 01, 2017
  • Last week, we held our annual Music Café concert to an audience of over 160 parents and students!

    The entire show was produced and directed by one of Delphi’s High School students, who has a dream to make music her life-long career.

    All of the music was live – there were no recorded tracks for any of the performers.  Professionalism, teamwork, confront, discipline and organization were some of the qualities that were brought to light through this activity, even for the students who worked behind-the-scenes in set design, program design, sound and lighting.

    When asked about the experience of producing a show, our producer said:

    “Even though there were moments when things seemed overwhelming, I was able to overcome the obstacles I was faced with.  It was a fantastic experience and I’ve learned many important skills. I also appreciate the work of all the cast and crew in helping put this show together!”

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