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Delphi Academy of Los Angeles
11341 Brainard Avenue
Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

  • School Directory

    Below is a list of members of the administration, staff, and faculty at Delphi Academy of Los Angeles. In order to contact a specific faculty or staff member, click on their respective email address.


    • Head of School
      Karen Dale
    • Estates Manager
      Dan North
    • Business Manager
      Linda Hanson
    • School Secretary
      Dianna Gonzalez
    • Director of Promo & Marketing
      Kimberley Amezcua
    • Head of Finance
      Laurie Armer
    • Head of Admissions
      Joan Roeschke
    • Admissions
      Sean Wages


    • Middle & High School Dean
      Sue Miller
    • Lower & Elementary School Dean, Nancy Smith
    • Preschool Director
      Melissa Kreitz
    • Lead Preschool Teacher
      Melissa Kreitz
    • Preschool Teacher, Transitional Class
      Anisha Dickey
    • Preschool Teacher, Toddler Class Lead
      Monique Servera
    • Preschool Teacher, Mini Dragons
      Molly Cameron
    • Preschool Teacher, Mini Dragons
      Jessica Diaz
    • Preschool Teacher, Little Dragons Class
      Tania Villa
    • Beginner 1 Teacher
      Dani Antunez
    • Beginner 2 Teacher
      Devin Rowland
    • Form 1 Teacher
      Camron Richardson
    • Form 1 Teacher
      Ann Swapp
    • Form 2 Teacher
      Grant Youn
    • Form 3 Teacher
      Dynnel Watts
    • Form 4 Teacher
      Marggret Avalos
    • High School Head and High School Teacher
      Cindy Gainsforth
    • Middle School Teacher
      Josh Doheny
    • Senior Athletics Director, Cesar Jimenez
    • Lower and Elementary Athletics Director
      Mark Lara
    • Director of Industrial Arts
      Caleb Healey
    • Director of Performing Arts
      Maile Schliewe
    • Director of Fine Arts
      Sky Roim
    • Director of Science & Tech
      Cindy Gainsforth
    • LS/ES Standards Consultant
      Jackie Evans