Holiday Happenings at Delphi LA!

December 06, 2016
  • Last Friday we held our annual Winter Bazaar, an “enchanted holiday marketplace of crafts” made by Kindergarten through High School students. Our students created their crafts as either an individual, team or class project. They then set up their booths, sold their crafts to students, teachers and families, and completed their transactions by giving out the correct change (quick math for those younger students). This annual tradition began in the late 1980’s, with the purpose of giving students a real-world opportunity to manage their own small business, by keeping track of the cost of their materials, tracking their sales, learning to determine their profit by subtracting the cost of materials from their sales, and then calculating 10% of their earnings to “rent” a booth at the Bazaar.  The shoppers at this year’s Bazaar were thrilled with the results, and so happy to purchase beautiful items for their holiday shopping.  This is an enriching tradition that will continue for years to come! Here’s some fun pictures of the day’s activities.

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